In a future not too far away, humans have finally conquered other galaxies and they are now able to harvest food on alien planets. Roboplant with its hydroponic technologies is ready to settle its factories with the help of witty farm managers. Are you ready to be one of the lucky outer space farmers? 

Embark on a new journey with your team of robots called Beebop 179. Build and manage a hydroponic farm, grow delicious plants and survive the mysterious challenges of outer space.

Roboplant Starting base

Build your base

Build your factory piece by piece. Set up rooms and corridors and add hydroponic machines, lab equipment and decorations.

Grow plants

You can choose to grow vegetables and fruits from Earth or alien alternatives like sweet tomatoes or delicious, blue melons.

Manage your factory

Start selling products to make money and increase production. Create a space where your robots can relax and recharge.