Once you’ve built and furnished a production room, it’s time to grow your preferred crops. But if you want the perfect harvest, you’ll need to provide your plants with the perfect conditions. This means providing oxygen for your plants to breathe, humidity to regulate moisture in the air (you don’t want them to dry out, but also don’t want them to get too wet), and temperature, since frozen plants won’t be able to grow tasty fruit and veg!

Mars has crazy weather, oscillating between bitterly cold, freezing conditions and searing heat. And since we’re out in space, on a planet with just 0.2% oxygen in its atmosphere (compared with 21% on Earth), it’s going to be near-impossible to grow plants without a little help. So you’ll need to install certain pieces of machinery that will work to control the environment and make it suitable to grow plants. For this, we’ve designed stabiliser machines.

These machines will work towards optimising the ideal growth conditions, and will use various amounts of energy and water to work, so you will need to ensure these things are in constant supply, otherwise you’ll end up with a pile of ashes instead of a bounty of fresh produce. 

Each machine provides a specific amount of regulation within a room, so you’ll need to do some maths to properly offset the size of your production rooms.

Each machine works autonomously,  so you won’t need to do anything extra to set them up, so besides installing the right number of stabilisers, you should be good to go as soon as you construct them. But like machinery in real life, sometimes they will break. Broken machinery can lead to ruined crops, and that puts your entire production line at risk. You’ll need to ensure you have a worker free to do an emergency fix on the machine before it’s too late! Good resource management is vital to success here.

Stabliser machines also have a couple of extra aces up their sleeves. Throughout the game, you’ll be faced with situations that are outside your control. External factors like temperature instabilities or oxygen depletion can threaten your burgeoning crops. You can boost your stabiliser machines to compensate for these events, but it comes at a cost. Your utility consumption will rise, and your machines will become overworked more quickly, which can lead to more frequent breakdowns.

If, for any reason, your factory runs out of stored energy and water, these machines will have a last line of defence to protect your crops until you can fix the bigger problem. Each stabiliser machine has a slot for an emergency kit, which will automatically kick in if the environment conditions are tanking and your plants are under threat. These aren’t long term solutions though, so you’ll need to do some quick thinking and get your levels back on track if you want to keep playing!

That’s all for today! Have a great day and see you next time for another Roboplant devblog.

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