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Game factsheet




Farming, simulation, base-building, management

Release date

Early access in Jan 2023 Complete game in 2024


PC, Consoles (TBD) Available on Steam




Roboplant is a base-building farming game with a business twist. The game takes place in a future where hydroponic technology makes it possible to grow plants on alien planets. The main mission is to become an interstellar tycoon and fight the threat of starvation on Earth.


Start the mission with a simple base, hire loyal robot workers and build farming equipment for the game’s first challenge: growing plants in a hostile environment. Once you have started the first production processes and built the necessary rooms, research new machinery to improve your business and make sure your workers are always happy and learning new skills. Don’t forget to deliver contracts on time to increase your revenue and reputation with companies large and small. So, are you ready to make the company known throughout the universe?


The planet you choose at the beginning of the game will have specific characteristics that can help or hinder your missions! On one hand, meteorite falls, sandstorms, extreme heat or cold are always around the corner, so you need to take precautions and be prepared to face damage! On the other, exploring the planet can lead to exciting discoveries and provide opportunities to play with genetics and create new plants.

Company factsheet


Biella, (Italy)

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[email protected]

Company description

Rebelpug S.r.l. is an Italian indie game studio based in Biella (BI), north of Italy, born in 2021 to create original and cool games that can bring a positive vibe and also express the love and passion put into them. Our team is composed of three people with a great desire to learn new things and to build a community with whom to share the experiences and thoughts of this journey. The Founder and CEO of the company is Paolo Amosso who also manages
the business and takes care of all the programming done in the game. Alessia Felici is the 3D modeler who creates all the assets, textures, animations and visual effects. Luisa Colombo is the art director who creates the concepts and follows their implementation, and builds the UI and UX of the game. As a small indie company, the team is pretty solid and our strength consists in always working together to make the best possible decisions in every sector.
Rebelpug is also a winner of three Italian public fundings, the main one of which was published to support the creation of a digital entertainment ecosystem in Italy.