The year is 2114 and Planet Earth is in big trouble, on the verge of collapse due to food shortages. Well, what do you expect with a population of 20 billion and no proper infrastructure to support them?

Here at Roboplant Industries, we’ve devised an ingenious new mode of food production, using the most advanced hydroponic technology in the galaxy. We’re seeking business savvy managers to help solve the crisis, and all you need to do is undertake a tiny relocation to Mars. Intrigued? You should be!

Roboplant is a strategic business management opportunity that invites you to build a hydroponic farming empire on Mars. If you think you have what it takes to run a successful interplanetary food production company, then read on to find out about this exciting new venture.

Your main goal is to produce the best fruits and vegetables, then bring them to market. You will carry out the process from seed to sale. With the help of our lovely robots, the Beebop 179, you’ll construct various factory buildings to house your machinery and workers. The Beebop 179 will carry out construction, research, farming and much more under your guidance. But be warned: they are not simply robots. Your workforce requires proper care and attention and a manager who is alert to their needs, otherwise you’ll have a mutiny on your hands!

With time you’ll have the option to research new technologies and means of production, which in turn might lead to discoveries of advanced strains of edible excellence. The choices you make in terms of your research will shape your business model, making your Roboplant journey entirely your own.

Obviously running a new business on the red planet won’t be easy: you must be vigilant to costs, or run the risk of bankruptcy! We will supply you with a specialist accountant worker, with the objective of helping you to keep costs as low as possible. Your accountant will also seek new investors and funding for the company, which you must approve or dismiss. These decisions will have an effect on the overall direction of your business. It’s up to you whether you go down the route of mass production for wholesale or direct sales to your customer base. Each path offers a variety of challenges and rewards that we hope will make your time with Roboplant Industries endlessly exciting!

We’re pleased to confirm that flights to Mars will begin soon, so if you think you have what it takes, pack your bags and get ready for a whole new way of life!

Welcome on board!


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